Sunday, July 09, 2006

A War Of Words

As there's not much rugby news about, I did promise to spout about other subjects during the summer, and so I thought a quick mention of last night's cracking season finale for Dr Who was needed. Daleks and Cybermen in the same episode! Marvellous! It was pretty good action-wise, but still retained a sense of humour.

For starers, there was one exchange, when the Cybermen first meet the Daleks, and they have a lengthy exchange which runs along the lines of "Identify Yourself!", "No You Must Identify Yourself First!!. This goes on for several rounds when all of a sudden the Dalek says "Daleks Do Not Take Orders!!" and the Cyberman looks smugly at it and says "You have identified as Dalek". You can see the Dalek's rubber sink plunger quivering with rage at itself for having been so stupid. It reminded me of the classic moment from Dad's Army when the Home Guard have been captured by Germans and are being quizzed for their names. Captain Mainwaring, fearing that the young, foolish one will give the game away utters the immortal line "Don't tell them, Pike!"

My favourite bit of dialogue from last night occurred between the two leaders of the Daleks and Cybers, viz:

Cyberman [apoplectic after a Dalek has just shot one of his mates]: "You have declared War on the Cybermen!!"

Dalek [in equally apoplectic metal tones]: "This isn't war, it's just Pest Control!!!!"



litlove said...

Alexander loved it! He's very sorry he's got to wait to Christmas for the next episode. We said - 'Was there a successor to Rose?' and he replied 'No, there was only this girl in a wedding dress standing there.' Ah, literary criticism is not one of his skills...

Caz Mockett said...

Well he's right - she isn't the successor to Rose but she was standing there in a wedding dress - and it was Catherine Tait, no less!

heroine protagonist said...

It's me Caz (Bea) Bobble was already gone on Blogger!

The exchanges between the metalic evils were the best bit of the episode I think. Though DT is very pretty when he's upset ;o)

*there there dear, moves towards DT in a consoling manner*

Caz Mockett said...

Get in line, woman!! ;-)