Thursday, July 06, 2006

Handbags - Remix

Further to my posting about the All Blacks and their handbag antics, it would seem the Aussie media have gone and done more or less what I suggested and made a video showing the AB's wielding handbags during the Haka, in a promo for the start of their upcoming Tri-Nations match against New Zealand. The All Blacks management seem to think it's disrespectful to Maori and the All Blacks - something which obviously didn't occur to Chris Masoe when he swung his fist at a member of the public back in May. Strikes me it's just a sense of humour failure ;-)


Stuey said...

Cool blog...have you seen the Umaga spoof on theeastterrace?

(It's a good site that).

Caz Mockett said...

Hi Stuey,

Thanks for the link, its a fun site :-) I'll be keeping an eye on it in future.