Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hiccups On And Off The Field

On The Field
Saracens suffered another home defeat in the Guinness Premiership at the weekend, and I was unfortunate enough to witness it first hand. I've no idea when the Club is supposed to be drafting in sacked Wallabies' coach Eddie Jones, but something is needed, and fast - they are just 4 points off the bottom of the table! And don't get me started about the alleged "saviour" for England and Saracens, a certain Mr Andy Farrell. The Wigan Pie Man has not been seen playing in anger this season in a black or white shirt. How long does a bruised toe take to heel, for heavens' sake?

Off The Field

And talking of hiccups, an Asian guy sat next to me on the tube on the way home from work last night. He seemed normal enough to start with, but after a few minutes it became clear he'd got a bad case of hiccups - thankfully the silent variety! He was playing Draughts on his mobile, body periodically convulsing, and I felt really sorry for him. We all know what its like when Hiccups strike, and I sat there for ages, debating in my head whether I should turn and shout "Rah" at him to surprise his Hiccups away. But then I thought that he (and the rest of the carriage population) would think I was completely nuts. So I kept schtum, and left him at Liverpool Street, jiggling away in the corner of the carriage, like he had a case of St. Vitus' Dance.

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