Friday, March 10, 2006

Half-Baked Commentary

As a regular reader of the excellent Halfbakery website, I quite often get a chuckle out of some of the suggestions which are posted there. I came across one today that I thought was really great - not in a funny sense, but one which would actually work, a proposition for Beginners Commentary.

What struck me was this - if I'd had access to such a commentary for rugby earlier, then I would probably have been watching it for a lot longer than I have - it was really only the lack of knowledge of the laws which was stopping me from getting into it sooner :-)

And talking of rugger, Saracens are away to Sale this evening. I don't hold out much hope of a win, since Sale have been at the top of the table for most of this season, and as mentioned before, Saracens are going through rather a black patch at the mo. But I hope they put up a good fight!

Another juicy weekend of Six Nations games await... England v France being the one I've a vested interest in, although I will watch the other two on video over the weekend. I'm also looking forward to going to a friend's Birthday lunch on Saturday, hence having to record the games that afternoon. See - despite what you may think, I do have a social life!

Another nice thing to happen today, I got an email from an old chum and we have arranged to meet up and catch up next week. We've known each other for, my god, 10 years now! Time flies. We met through a shared admiration for Canadian Mountie comedy/drama show Due South, and have discovered lots of shared interests in the meantime. Not least that she is a rather obsessed photographer, much like myself! It will be good to see how she is and what's been going on lately.

Ah well, not a lot more to add today. That's All Folks!


vixxxie1 said...

I would like to hear a commentary that told you the things you really wanted to know. Like which player was having an affair with the manager's wife, and which one (or several) had been picked out of the gutter adjoining the local nightclub, and how many hairstyles certain others had entertained (amusement seeming often to be the intended reaction). You can see if someone is kicking a ball or not.

Caz Mockett said...

Well all that scandal sounds more like footie than the noble game of Rugger. About the only gossip-worthy bit of news there's been about the rugby boys is when Mike Tindall got together with Zara Philips. But still, hardly headline stuff!