Monday, March 13, 2006

Les Rosbifs Get Roasted

Q: When is watching rugby like watching Doctor Who?
A: When its England vs France in Paris, 12th March 2006

Why? Well for most of the game I felt like cowering behind the sofa, watching the action through my fingers and wincing when the baddies came to get us. England were merde, no other word for it. And if I thought the last game against the Scots was miserable, then I hadn't seen anything yet! I've no idea why though, it all seemed pretty inexplicably bad. Knock-ons, bumping into our own men, inept lineouts (whatever happend to that, we've had good lineouts in the past few games??). We just seemed to make mistakes left, right and centre. I had that sinking feeling pretty much from the off, when Les Grenouilles scored an intercept try within a minute of kickoff.

So today, I have to contemplate if I want to try and get a ticket for next week's game at Twickenham, where we host our Irish friends. It seems like a very long time ago that we had that great win over Wales at the start of this year's tournament.

I do feel sorry for Martin Corry - he seemed to be about the only guy putting up any effort yesterday. He looked gutted in the after-match interview, as if he was on the verge of tears. It can only fuel the Corry/Dallaglio debate further. The one other saving grace of the whole fiasco was that Danny Grewcock didn't to anything stupid to get himself sent off or cited.

A Chink of Light For Saracens
Despite my doom and gloom predictions for the Men in Black last Friday, they managed to pull a win against Sale out of the bag. Admittedly, Sale were a few good men down to International duty, but so were we - at least three of our boys are in Australia for the Commonwealth Games Sevens tournament. So I was really pleased that they managed to get a few points on the board. We're still sitting at 11 out of 12 in the table, but at least we are a precious few points further ahead than Leeds at the moment. Hope we can continue like that for our next home game against Worcester!

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