Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sassenachs Surrender

Not a proud day to be English, I'm sad to say.

I watched the England vs Scotland game on the telly, with some trepidation, and my worst fears were confirmed - the Scots desereved to win, and well done to them for such a great defensive performance. No tries, but enough penalties and a drop goal to win the day.

England just couldn't seem to finish off when it mattered. I thought we were in big trouble when Danny Grewcock got himself sent to the bin for 10 minutes, but was mildly surprised that we didn't conceed any points during that spell.

Hey ho, at least that means the rest of the 6 Nations is now wide open. France put in a typically erratic performance in their game against Italy, the only highlight of which was Thomas Castaignede, who seemed to be back at his best after injury. Just hope he can play that well when he next pulls on the Saracens jersey!

I'm off to see the Men in Black against Bristol tomorrow, and I think we will be missing the likes of TC a great deal. I just hope we can pull oursevles up by the bootstraps and win the match. Watch this space...

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