Friday, February 24, 2006

À La Carte Menu

FakeBob and I were having another of our strange conversations. Nothing new there. We're both foodies, and a little silly, and the question was posed to me that, if rugby players were dishes [as indeed some of them are!], who would I choose for an À La Carte menu selection.

Never one to resist a challenge, I thought about it for about five seconds, and came up with my answers. Here we go:

Starter: Better known as a great finisher, Mark Cueto (should be pronounced Cute-O I reckon). Always light on his feet, and a nice appetiser.

Main Course: Would have to be the finest example of British Beef, Danny Grewcock [there you go, Bob, my first mention of Danny!!]. Probably would require to be Well Done, bearing in mind how tough he appears on the pitch. But little room left for side dishes or veggies.

After a suitable pause, we move on to Dessert: Kevin Yates, in the great tradition of stodgy puds like Spotted Dick and Custard [please note, I have absolutely no anecdotal evidence to back up this assumption].

Another pause required, and then we move onto a little something with the coffee: You can keep your waffeur thin mints (like Richard Houghton), but carrying on the theme, a wee French Fancy might be Dmitri Yachvili, or possibly Jean-Baptiste Ellisalde. They're so small, one would probably have both to round off the meal ;-)

My menu might not be to everyone's taste! But I think it would not require further nourishment to be taken on for some days. By the way, you were warned that this Blog has MAD in the title. Twice. You don't really expect me to be serious, do you?


vixxxie1 said...

Did I read that name correctly? Danny WHAT? exactly?

Caz Mockett said...

Obviously heralds from a long line of Coventry-based Chicken farmers. I can't think of another good reason he'd be called Grewcock [cough]