Thursday, February 23, 2006

Question of Sarries II

I had a very strange evening last night!

The Saracens' Supporters Association (SSA) held a joint "do" with the Club at their Hatfield training centre. Two teams of three Saracens players went head to head in a Question of Sarries evening, hosted by the lovely Kyran "Sue Barker" Bracken (see right). He really got into the part, dressed in drag!
Although he didn't go as far as Gavin Henson and shave his legs. Probably a relief all round.

There were plenty of rounds of silliness, ranging from Mystery Guest (Richard Hill cooking beans on toast in his kitchen), rugby quotes and odd one out (the best reason for picking Hugh Vyvyan as an odd one out was apparently, "he's a ginger"!). A mad time was had by all. We did miss the Feel The Sportsman round this time, which was greatly enjoyed when they held the first QofS event. Never mind, maybe they will do it again ... although Rupert swore once was enough, he's now run it twice. Give him time to come round to the idea!

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vixxxie1 said...

Perhaps you can branch out into a version of 'They Think It's All Over'. You would excel at guessing the sportsman from mimes, I reckon. Remember you need a counterpart for Rory McGrath - that's to say someone who's cheated by twisting the arm of the quiz setter to get the answers...