Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scrumming In The Rain

Unfortunately, Watford was deluged with heavy rain on Sunday, so the game between Saracens and Glasgow Warriors was a very wet affair. I felt really sorry for all the guys having to run around in such atrocious conditions. Thankfully, my bit of the stand was undercover, so I never got a soaking.

Sarries were a bit crap during the first half, and went in at the break with fewer points than Glasgow.

The Gaffer must have had strong words with the boys while he was dishing out the oranges in the changing room, as Sarries came out in the second half and played with much more shape and determination. They scored two penalty tries during the match, which is quite unusual. And Kevin Yates went over the whitewash for the second week running, again under a huge pile of bodies from a drive (see below)

That game brings up the big 50 for rugbypix.com, the time has flown by since I went to my first game in February 2004!

Let's hope next weekend's trip to Narbonne isn't as wet. Pity I won't be going along too, but I should be back watching England vs the All Blacks on 5th November.


Michelle said...

Wow, this is an incredibly comprehensive blog. I would like to talk to you about your blog and writing opportunities. Please e-mail me if you are interested.


Stuey said...

Top blog...keep up the good work. I'm a Waterloo fan so all this exciting European stuff doesn't apply to me *sigh*