Friday, October 27, 2006

His Pick, My Pick

On Wednesday, Andy Robinson has picked his 30-man English squad to face the AllBlacks at Twickenham on 5th November, including seven uncapped players. We have:

Backs: I Balshaw (Gloucester), O Morgan (Gloucester), J Lewsey (Wasps), M Cueto (Sale Sharks), P Sackey (Wasps), B Cohen (Northampton), M Tait (Newcastle), A Allen (Gloucester), J Noon (Newcastle), T Flood (Newcastle), C Hodgson (Sale Sharks), A Goode (Leicester), P Richards (Gloucester), S Perry (Bristol).

Forwards: A Sheridan (Sale Sharks), P Freshwater (Perpignan), J White (Leicester), S Turner (Sale Sharks), G Chuter (Leicester), L Mears (Bath), B Kay (Leicester), D Grewcock (Bath), T Palmer (Wasps), C Jones (Sale Sharks), P Sanderson (Worcester), L Moody (Leicester), T Rees (Wasps), M Lund (Sale Sharks), M Corry (Leicester), J Forrester (Gloucester).

Seems like a good mix of youth and experience. Let's hope they can bring it on when the Kiwis take the field.

Today I was playing with the BBC's Squad Selector, a bit of fun which allows you to see who you would put out in the white jersey. So here's a screenshot of my pre-emptive selection, before Robbo gets his official one out next week:

Not sure if the shirts are in exactly the right place, so here it is as a list - I'd like to put it in the correct rugby team order, 15-9, then 1-8, but HTML isn't that clever ;-)
  1. Sheridan
  2. Mears
  3. White
  4. Kay
  5. Grewcock
  6. Moody
  7. Lund
  8. Corry (Capt)
  9. Perry
  10. Hodgson
  11. Lewsey
  12. Noon
  13. Tait
  14. Cueto
  15. Balshaw
On the bench:
  1. Chuter
  2. Freshwater
  3. Palmer
  4. Sanderson
  5. Richards
  6. Goode
  7. Sackey
I wonder if we will agree!

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