Saturday, July 29, 2006

RFU Win A Battle

But who will win the war?

I'm talking about the persistant skirmish between Premier Rugby Ltd (representing the Clubs) and the RFU, who look after England's interests. The RFU istrying to squeeze in a special 4th test outside the usual IRB International window, on 5th November. They want England to play the All Blacks as a celebration of the new South Stand opening. Great news for the fans, but PRL have been resisting and citing the fact they need their best players for Club duties that weekend.

The wrangling has rumbled on for months, and finally the High Court has made a decision - in favour of the RFU. PRL are deciding whether they wish to appeal.

Better rugby minds than mine have proposed various solutions fo the whole sorry club vs country mess, but it seems that both sides' positions are fairly entrenched, and I don't suppose it will get solved any time soon. In the meatime, I'm plotting how I might get my hands on some tickets for said game :-)

Talking of Men In Black, I've just sent off my application form for Membership of Saracens. I didn't do it last year, as I couldn't see much extra benefit, but they have come up with some more incentives this season, so I've parted with my fifty quid and hope to be able to attend some of the Memebers Only events with the players over the coming season. I'll report back here, of course.

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