Friday, July 21, 2006

Man Overboard

Australian Winger Wendell Sailor has been banned from Rugby for two years after failing a second dope test. Apparently a metabolite of Cocaine was found. And at 32, you'd think his rugby days are probably over. Not many players go on much beyond 34, plus having the stigma of his ban looming over him, if and when he decided to make a return. I can't imagine many teams queueing up for his services come 2008!

What a silly way to end his rugby career. I applaud the ARU for taking such a strong stance (it was a "recreational drug" rather than a performance-enhancer, but it's still a banned substance). Hopefully, others will learn that it'sjust not worth it. Thankfully, I don't think widespread drug abuse is veryprevalent in rugby. Long may it conitune that way!

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litlove said...

It's true you don't generally hear much about drug abuse in rugby. Bikeprof has been following the tour de france and of course there's a great deal of speculation about cyclists. It's typical really that this bloke got caught having used a recreational drug. Durrr as my son would say!