Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tom Toms

Andy Robinson appears to have picked an exciting team to face Australia on Sunday. I really hope they can make an impression, it would be great to have more options come the World Cup.

The two Toms are on the wing - Voyce and Varndell - and both have bags of pace given enough room and the ball in hand. Just to prove a point, here's a photo of Mr Varndell scoring under the posts after just 28 seconds of the match between Leicester and Bath at Welford Road last season. He doesn't hang about!

Not rugby related, but I was browsing the silliness on the Halfbakery earlier, and two fab ideas stuck in the mind - first one was a suggestion to change the Eurovision Song Contest rules and make everyone sing in Esperanto. Genious! And the other one that caught my attention was the "I'm Not Crazy" sign for people talking on their bluetooth headsets on the phone. Some of the annotations to that one are priceless.

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