Monday, June 26, 2006

England Sinking?

I haven't written in a while for two reasons - firstly not much rugby happening at the moment, and secondly I've been on my hols to Barcelona, and have just caught my breath!

I say not much rugger on at the moment, obviously discounting the three disasterous England performances of late:

Can't say I'm entirely surprised bearing in mind the fairly inexperienced squad we took while resting some of the senior boys ahead of the next long season. But I'm wondering if Andy Robinson has lost some of his perspective in insisting England can still win the World Cup again next year. On those performances? I won't be betting my mortgage on it!

The Autumn Internationals (kicking off with New Zealand at Twickenham on 5th November) will be very interesting. Fireworks on the pitch too, perhaps? Here's a picture of the last time the AllBlacks visited: Steve Borthwick does battle with his opposite number Chris Jack.


litlove said...

Nice to see you back, rugbymadgirl! I'm sure they play better when you're here to comment on it!

Caz Mockett said...

Ha, I wish! Ah well, I've been busy on my holiday so haven't written much of late. Might digress into a few non-rugby posts over the next few weeks, until the action re-commences in September!