Friday, May 19, 2006

Personalised Plates

I have seen several personalised number plates recently which have caught my eye.

The first is on a shabby looking pickup, and reads E9UUS - without a gap. The font of the "9" has been tweaked to look more like a "q". One can only assume the driver is into horses in a big way.

Another one I see regularly parked at my station is a smart Mercedes sports jobbie, with the plate which used to read C1SC X - I always wondered if it belonged to some fat cat manager type who worked for CISCO (makers of internet hardware routers and switches - an "x" being shorthand for a switch in networking circles). The driver seemed pretty dull so I haven't approached to ask him! And I notice recently that The Boys In Blue must have had a word with him about the non-standard spacing of his plate - it reappeared recently reading C1 SCX as it should!

But one has to wonder about the psyche of someone who is happy to drive around in a car with the plate which reads B19 POO - in this case the "9" looked distinctly like a "g"!

Off to see Hilly's benefit game on Sunday, which should be fun. Loads of big names in the World XV team. But the weather looks a bit iffy, so it might end up being a bit of a muddy affair.


Napfisk said...

Good grief, it's all about rugby here, isn't it? Not much of a sporty fellow, you see. I came waltzing in from over at Litlove's blog: love your comments there.

We don't have the plate thing over here (all very boring, standardized 3 digit, three letter ones) so we try making up funny meanings as if they were abbreviations. Not nearly as exciting though.


Caz Mockett said...

Hi Napfisk! Thanks for your comment. I would have thought my blogname and username might have given you a bit of a warning on my blog's theme ;-)

You may wonder why I hang around in LitLove - well the author is a very old friend - we've known each other since we were 11! So I know lots of her secrets, ha.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of blogdom.

vixxxie1 said...

Don't like the way this conversation is going! And I think I've blogged most of my secrets by now...

I will look out for personalised plates to add to your (v. funny) list. But for myself I quite like car stickers. Best one I've seen in a while? 'Jesus loves you - everyone else thinks you're an arsehole'.

Caz Mockett said...

Don't worry, I won't spill your secrets - after all, you know most of mine too!

Liked the car sticker, I will have to keep my eye out for those too - but not when I'm driving, perhaps. :-D