Friday, March 24, 2006

RugbyMadGirl on Flickr

Despite Flickr's quirks sometimes winding me up, I've decided to set up an account for posting some of my rugby photos. You can see them at:

Never fear, this won't be a replacement for, merely another way of driving some traffic to it, hopefully!

If you're listening, and are a member of Flickr, please stop by and say hello.

Off to see Sarries v Worcester on Sunday; bit of a crunch match all in all. Hopefully we can see a repeat of the win we had against Sale. Fingers, toes and all other available bits crossed.


vixxxie1 said...

Could you detail the other bits, please?

Caz Mockett said...

anything which can be crossed, which in my case is most likely to be my eyes, probably!

vixxxie1 said...

Nice pics, rugbymadgirl! Quite a smorgasbord for you!