Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RWC2007 Here I Come!

I'm very excited. After much dithering, I've finally booked my trip to the Rugby World Cup 2007.

I've signed up for a package which takes me to the Opening Ceremony plus the first game, France vs Argentina in the Stade de France, Paris. That promises to be a big spectacle, and I expect both teams will be out to prove something, but especially France, hosting the tournament.

Then I'll be off to Lens for the Red Rose Boy's first pool match, England vs USA.

The games fall on the first weekend of September, and there was another (non-rugby) event which clashed, so I had a big decision to make. In the end, I figured the other thing was annual, and there's always the 2008 event - whereas World Cups only come round every four years, and the next one is somewhat further away than France, so there wasn't really any contest!

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