Friday, November 24, 2006

Faz To The Rescue?

Several links to peruse today...

Sarries field an unchanged team for the match against Worcester. Let's hope they can do as good a number on them as they did last weekend at Northampton.

Kevin Sorrell says Andy Farrell may be the England solution to the midfield problem. Whilst it might be jumping the gun a little bit, I have to acknowlege that:
  • Sorrell knows what he's talking about
  • Farrell has looked far more convincing (in the games I've seen him in) at 12 rather than 6.
[Farrell goes in for the kill during the match against Leicester a fortnight ago]

Anyway, Kiwi Zinzan Brooke says he would give Andy Robinson and Martin Corry the chop, if he was in charge at the RFU. The only problem is, who would replace them? There's no obvious candidate for either post at the moment, or I suspect they would have the job by now.

Let's wait to see what the weekend brings! Maybe Josh Lewsey is doing some up-front damage limitation by claiming that "people are naive if they expect us to rip the Boks apart". Well, Josh, we might not expect it, but it wouldn't half be nice if you did!

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