Monday, August 14, 2006

Two For The Price Of One

The season is almost upon us again, and that means two things - the Middlesex Sevens tournament at Twickenham and Streakers!! Yep, apart from a great day of sevens rugby, we got two streakers on the pitch.

So good value for money! Of course, modesty prevented me from taking pictures when the gents were running the other way... but what I want to know is, how come the security folk left it to the most petit WOMAN on duty to go and round them up?? LOL. But you had to admire their determination, it was pretty cold and windy and not really the sort of day you wanted to be cavorting around in the buff.

You can see more serious pictures of the rugby at, and there are some extras in my Flickr account.

Now then, a fortnight's countdown until I'm back at Twickenham for the London Double Header - Wasps v Saracens and Quins v Irish. Good stuff.


FakeBobsBlog said...

lol - at least the boys looked fit and strong with solid butts. I was just thinking that perhaps the young lady chasing them round the pitch wasn't trying too hard to remove them. She seemed a little less than sure as to where to grab hold!

Keep up the good work

gugon said...

Are the streakers ever flabby and out of shape? Out of breath before they get halfway across the field?

Now THAT I'd like to see!

litlove said...

You know where I think the policewoman should have grabbed them. It would make a novel place for a pair of handcuffs as well...

mike said...

Thanks for those photos, I couldn't find them anywhere else on the net at all! I'v gotta have something to show the grandkids when i grow old and boring, just to prove i was fun at least once in my life! do you have any more by any chance? thanks