Thursday, June 01, 2006

Austin The Merchant Banker

It had to happen sooner or later, but I read today that rugby's talkative Mr Autin Healey has finally decided to hang up his boots.

Healey was often renowned for his sledging of opponents on the pitch, pratical jokes off it, and sometimes, just for being an irritating bloke! At his recent benefit game, Richard Hill was asked what some of the worst memories of his illustrious career have been, and without hesitation he said, "having to share a room with Austin Healey on tour"! Well, there you go.

Here's a picture of Austin during Johnno's testimonial match at Twickenham last June, with the Big Man following him up the pitch.

I guess folks will miss him really. He's certainly performed on the pitch for his club, when fitness has allowed, and gained 51 caps for England. But now he's decided he's too slow to keep up on the field, players everywhere will be safe from his barracking. He's decided to take up a career as a Merchant Banker. If the cap fits, Austin!

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litlove said...

Andrew and I have just had a good laugh at this post! Enjoyed it!