Monday, May 08, 2006

Talisman or Albatross?

In her comment to one of my recent posts, Vixxxie1 raises an interesting question - does my presence at any given game act as a talisman or the Albatross-like kiss of death for the team I'm supporting?

This set me thinking, so I had a quick look at the stats for the games I have been to. It can get a bit confusing as I have several teams which I like - and my support will change depending who's playing (fickle creature that I am!).

It basically goes like this - first choice for country is of course, England (or the Lions every four years). In the Premiership, it has to be Saracens, then Bath. But then I've been to a game between London Irish and Wasps and who was I rooting for then? Not really sure. Wasps, probably! So these figures (as with any stats) should be taken with a pinch of NaCl (that's a chemically geeky joke, for those not in the know).

To summarise, if Saracens are playing then I'm gunning for them (although if its against Bath then my attentions get distracted by a certain Second Row beef), otherwise its Bath. The stats for Bath and Wasps were only counted when Sarries weren't playing them, to give their totals below (Lost column includes draws too):

Team Won Lost % Won
England 3 3 50%
Lions 0 1 0%
Sarries 12 11 52%
Bath 1 2 33%
Wasps 2 1 67%

So what to make of it all? Not a lot really, except to say it's a fairly small sample! And my presence doesn't seem to make any difference either way. Maybe I should start supporting Wasps on these figures? No, I thought not...


gugon said...

Hi RugbyMadGirl:

Just thought I'd stop by. You know, I've never been into rugby, but your enthusiasm in infectious! Do you take all the photographs yourself? They are outstanding!

Nice job!

gugon said...

Oh - I just noticed this - thank you so much for linking to me! I need all the friends I can get, so it is much appreciated.

I'm going to go put your link over on my place now (that is, if you don't mind).

vixxxie1 said...

Love it! But it's nice to know the answer is a resounding maybe... Best not to believe one's omnipotence, probably worse even than believing one's own PR!!

Caz Mockett said...

Hi Gugon, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I take all the rugby photos myself. :-)