Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sharks Bite Harder Than Tigers!

I was really pleased to read Sale Sharks have won the Guinness Premiership Final against Leicester Tigers today. Good on them, they deserve it! Apparently they are the first team to top the league AND win the subsequent playoffs, since the end of the season system was rearranged.

The Tigers must be a tad gutted, but from all accounts, Sale outplayed them quite comprehensively. The lovely Mark Cueto scored a try for Sale in the first ten minutes. You may recall my mention of him as a suitable hors d'ouvres in a previous post (Feb 24th, Á La Carte Menu). But I didn't provide a full-length picture - so here you go: Cute-O [sic] taking a fluid break during the Sarries vs Sharks game back last September.

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vixxxie1 said...

Very pretty. I would have put him down as a full meal, but you know best...