Friday, May 12, 2006

Flickr Updates

I have been a bit lax of late about posting more photos to my Flickr album. But since its the end of the season, I thought I would gather together the best of this year's crop and post them up to Flickr. They are arranged into sets which roughly follow the major teams I've taken pictures of.

As the season is closing, I suspect the summer will see a lull in posts here. But if I do say anything, it's probably going to err towards the Just Mad rather than Rugby Mad of the title. A summer of silliness seems fair enough, especially if it gets really hot and my brain begins to fry in the new office I've been forced into (where each developer has at least 3 machines under their desk, the aircon is pants and its so hot already you can bearly think). I must be a bit like one of Terry Pratchett's trolls - I get more stupid the hotter it is, and perhaps I need to put my head in the fridge for normal thought processes to resume.

And talking of silliness, at least tonight's telly includes the penultimate episode of Series 2 of the barking mad Green Wing on Channel 4. Its fab comedy, and brightens the end of the week!

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vixxxie1 said...

Well at least we could see a few more of your pictures from time to time, no? That would be great.